the longest night

i hear the night rustling in trees and beyond

hard beauty blue face of a lunar haze

i feel my shape torn

to a past gone

and drawn

to a fire of longer days

a circle a square or the shape of my face

a day or a night or a thousand tears

simple touch of my hair

pair of eyes

and my haste

spell the letters

and numbers igniting my fears

bursting this moment i sink

thick with bondage

it pools up in me

a delirious stain

if i cease to pretend

there’s an end to my longing

exquisite red dreams draw it up in a flame

i want what I feel i am not alone

blown apart crumpled heap

a scrap of bone

these are the visions

and sounds i have known

and once i allow them to enter my shape

they taste good in my mouth like the sweetest song

but freedom is sweeter

familiar place

where i had

what i wanted all a long


2 thoughts on “the longest night

  1. Whew—when I first started reading this, I thought I would have to come up there and rescue you from a deep depression. But you gave me a great relief with those last few lines!

    Liked by 1 person

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