closet space


feet slide to the floor while it rises to meet the day

reptilian brain stalking prehistoric prey


while you lay sleeping, dreaming and slinking

something came creeping, invading your thinking


reminiscent, reticent, then quiet… then… nothing

powdery box of noxious offerings mixed with your morning coffee


a dour thread unwinds the fabric of time

long-forgotten suitcase zipped tight with trouble

too heavy to carry, you trip and stumble


falling toward the closet, costumes tired and crusted

draped on wire hangers bent and rusted

laundry list of disordered inadequacies:

1)  not good enough

b)  reminders of foolish youth; your nine lives

and another thing –  where were you traveling all those sins ago?


fling open one drawer – it’s empty

another – chaos

the next – not what you thought it would be

at last – Loss – wrinkled and cringing in the corner


you try the thing on and still, it becomes you

you could iron out the kinks but you really don’t want to

straddle the doorway and gaze at the car

then limp the long mile over blacktop and tar


with your essence unchanged, only faded by entropy

hope rises up from the smothering gravity

numinous, luminous, then sunrise… then… everything

eyes tearing

the light of this moment is brilliant




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